Discover the new Hoplà Professional range

Discover the new Hoplà Professional range

Hoplà, the Trevalli brand leading in the vegetal cream market, further expand its broad selection by adding a line of products completely dedicated to the professionals, to offer solutions suitable for both gastronomy and confectionery.

Hoplà Professional Cooking & Dressing Sauce: is a very versatile sauce, excellent for cooking and for dressing delicious and light recipes, suitable for hot and cold dishes. The ideal ingredients in several recipes, Hoplà Professional Cooking & Dressing Sauce, is versatile, ready to use, with a typical cream flavour.

Hoplà Professional Dual Top 90/10 is a vegetable fat (90%) and cream (10%) based product. It is sugarless, excellent both in confectionery and in cooking. Main features of Hoplà Professional Dual Top 90/10: great performance (overrun), excellent stability, typical and characteristic cream flavour.

Hoplà Professional Easy Top: vegetable fat-based, with extra-sugar, is ideal for decorating, filling and masking cakes and desserts. Hoplà Professional Easy Top is compact and assures a great performance. Moreover, it is a product with a high stability, which guarantees a strong freezing and thaw resistance.

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