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Trevalli Cooperlat is a dynamic and modern agrifood Cooperative company of second grade, which since its starting point, sixty years ago, has been able to build an innovative entrepreneurial model to realize a strategic plan, placing itself between best in class firms of the Italian dairy industry.

The company resulted from the progressive cohesion of 11 cooperatives, located in 7 different Italian regions. The headquarters is in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, where is located the main production site which is realizing the majority of the total production, except from cheeses, mozzarella, ricotta and yogurts.

The milk conferred by associated producers is processed in 4 Company’s factories to offer a diversification of the products’ categories in: fresh milk, high quality milk, extended shelf life milk, long shelf life milk UHT treated, cream, béchamel, butter, soft cheeses and hard cheeses.

When the customer is buying Trevalli fresh and High Quality milk in Ancona, Cigno milk in Abruzzo, Fresco Marche milk in Ascoli Piceno and Abit milk in Piemonte, knows that the product is local. This characteristic is well highlighted in every commercialized product, regardless of the particular brand to which it is associated. The same happens in all national markets served.

What mentioned above underline the philosophy and the strategy of the Trevalli Cooperlat, not only for what concerns fresh milk, but also PDO, TSG, Typical Products and all those products not strictly industrial which benefit from the link they have with local communities and area of origin.

These policies do not account only to marketing spirit; on the contrary, they better represent concrete initiatives aimed at strengthening the bound with the territory and the value of local products.

Associates of Trevalli Cooperlat are agricultural entrepreneurs and the valorization of associates’ milk is a fundamental chapter of the Social Statute. Differently from other cooperatives, which in time sheltered in their market niches, the Trevalli Cooperlat acted in a forward-thinking way with long-term choices in the industrial field, so that they could propose new products to the market. The accurate work of the marketing division for the promotion of these products granted a rapid and solid economic development of the Company.