New range of Abit fresh cheeses with 100% milk of the Piedmont region

New range of Abit fresh cheeses with 100% milk of the Piedmont region

Trevalli Cooperlat presents its new line of Typical Piemontese Fresh Cheeses, with 100% Piemontese Milk. Enjoy the fine taste, the quality and the genuineness of our Abit Fresh cheeses, excellent for first dishes and main courses, delicious appetizers, and fanciful aperitifs.

Robiola: cheese with soft flesh, typical of Alba (CN), with a characteristic fresh milk flavour. Available in different aromatic variants: Chili Pepper, Arugula and Truffle.

Primizia: fresh cheese with soft flesh made with 100% Piemontese milk. Available in 200 g box- single item- and in 160 g box – double item (80gx2).

Primosale: delicious fresh cheese salted only one time, with a soft texture and an elastic flesh. Available in different weight sizes: 200 g pack or 1,9 kg box.

Paglietta: fresh cheese with homogeneously soft flesh obtained with 100% Piemontese Milk. Straw-yellow colored, its name derives from the particular method of preservation that took place on the hay or on the straw.

Caprino Delicato: fresh and delicate. The Caprino is a cheese with white, soft and compact flesh, obtained with 100% Piemontese goat milk. Its taste recalls the characteristic aroma of the goat cheeses.

Tomino: fresh cheese with soft flesh typical of the Piemonte region, it has a very delicate taste, which makes the Tomino a versatile cheese also suitable for several recipes. Available at a fixed weight, on tray containing 180g (90x2) of cheese.

Tumin: the Tumin is a typical Piemontese cheese, with acid flesh. Available at fixed weight in small boxes with 6x35 g items.

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