Classic Chantilly Cream and Chocolate

Ingredients for cooking
  • 500 g di latte
  • 5 tuorli
  • 120 g di zucchero
  • 50 g di amido di riso o di patate
  • 1 stecca di vaniglia
  • 80 g di cioccolato fondente tritato
  • 300 g di Vegetale da montare zuccherata
  • frutta, biscottini, menta, granella di mandorle
  • 100 g di Vegetale da montare zuccherata

Cream: heat the Trevalli whole milk and flavour with the vanilla seeds and half of the sugar. In another bowl mix the starch with the remaining part of the sugar, then add the egg yolks and whisk. While stirring pour in the hot milk then put the mixture in a saucepan over a moderate heat to thicken while continuing to stir.

Remove from the heat and separate the mixture in two different bowls. In one, add the minced dark chocolate and mix to melt it.

Chill both creams wrapping with the cling film.

Whip the Hoplà for whipping with sugar and pour a half in each different cream. Put creams in cups and refrigerate.

Decoration: Whip the Hoplà for whipping with sugar and decorate both desserts. On the Chantilly cream add mint and fruit; on the chocolate cream add biscuits and crumbled almonds.


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