High-Quality Fresh Milk QM

Fresh Milk QM

100% Milk from Marche region
1000 ml PET bottle
Fresh Milk QM

Your fresh milk 100% from Marche Region guaranteed by our breeders.

Trevalli guarantees that this is high-quality milk, complying with law requisites 169/89 and the D.M. 185/91. It is bottled within 48 hours from the milking and it undergoes a traditional pasteurization, as to keep the nutritional characteristics unchanged.

It comes exclusively from the cooperatives of our Associates Breeders, who adopt a production model which integrates agriculture and breeding, thus improving the milk quality and granting the environmental and social sustainability of each territory. The Associates Breeders gathered in an important entity as Trevalli, which ensures food safety since the 1960s, keeping an eye on the valorization of the small productions.

The QM Quality Brand
QM is the quality brand of the Marche Region, aimed at promoting and valorizing the agrifood productions. It guarantees the origin and the quality, assuring traceability and clarity to the consumers.

DENOMINATION: High-Quality Fresh Pasteurized Homogenized Whole Milk QM

MILK ORIGIN: Italy. Milking Area: Marche Region

Energy 273 kJ / 65 kcal
Fat 3,6 g
of which saturates 2,5 g
Carbohydrate 5,0 g
of which sugars 5,0 g
Protein 3,2 g
Salt* 0,08 g
Calcium 120 mg (15% RNV**)

*the salt value is referred to the sodium naturally present in the milk

**RNV: Reference Nutritional Value

  • Keep refrigerated at a temperature between +1°C/+6°C.

The project “HQ Fresh Milk Trevalli QM” allows you to obtain information about the whole supply chain of the milk you are drinking. (Traceability of the milk supply chain).

This is the procedure:

1. Visit www.qm.marche.it

2. Click on”Filiera Latte Alta Qualità”

3. Insert the code (dd/mm/yyyy) of the expiry date on the package of the High-Quality Fresh Milk Trevalli QM and start to search.

4. You will see the entire path of the product you are consuming, since the beginning.

What does characterize a QM product?

QUALITY ensured by the compliance with production regulations and the surveillance of a third party, independent of the organization, which is beyond monitored by the Marche Region.

TRACEABILITY ensured by a regional digital system (Si.Tra) which further grants product safety.

INFORMATION give to the final consumer, answering to the demand for more clarity about the origin of both the product and the raw materials.

What does the QM quality brand assure?

The prohibition to use GMOs in any phase of the supply chain. Qualitative requisites superior to the minimum standards required by the regulations in force. Rules which allows obtaining tangible results in the field of FOOD SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF THE ANIMALS.